This term encompasses the entire process related to the analysis that is essential to developing a project, to its transformation into a completed product. On the one hand, our project could be the basis for realization of investments for us or for potential buyers (depending for whom it is prepared – property owner or potential buyer). On the other hand, the project could give us full insight into the real possibilities realizing the project on the given property.
The analysis answers the question:  How much is my property worth? What is its most optimal function? ”
The analysis allows us to very accurately determine the most optimal function of the property i, and thus know its market value. This answers the questions: “How much is my property worth?” and “What is the most optimal function of the property? – residential and commercial.” Together with our partners and clients , we regard properties as capital investments, which, at the end of the day, will generate maximum profits for their owners. In order to carry out the analysis the first step is to provide us with the key information, answers to the following points:
Registry map.
Master map.
The numbers of plots and extracts from the land register .
Decision on Land Development or  excerpt and a copy of the map from the local plan or answer the question :  “Is there on objective area a land use plan?”
Technical conditions for delivery of media.
Inventory of plant life (if it is and if applicable)
Information regarding the land (geotechnics, hydrogeology, etc.)
Information on the estimated object function (it is possible that a variation will be proposed)
It is necessary to fill out the attached ‘Brief’ before me and my partner start the process of Property Evaluation. Examples of such evaluations conducted in the past can be found under the folder ‘sample’. We would also need a signed NDA confidentiality agreement beforehand (an example of such an agreement is available under the folder ‘…..’) as well as the original documents referenced in the ‘Brief’.